Hot spring

Hot spring water is constantly pumped from 100 meters under the ground and we add spring water to cool it, never adding water that has been treated.
It warms you well, and feels good on your skin.
You can use three different kinds of bathtubs, a wooden round one made with big pieces of pine (Ohmaru-buro). Also one made of rocks (Iwa-buro), and one for the family.


  • Bath1

    Bath: Ohmaru-buro

  • Bath2

    Bath: Ohmaru-buro

  • Bath3

    Bath: Iwa-buro

  • Bath4

    Bath for the family

Type of hot spring

Alkaline simple thermal. The temperature of the spring water: 62.9 C. ph8.9. It’s effective for remedying fatigue, and improving your health, relieving nerve pains, muscle aches, stiff shoulders, paralyses of limbs, stiffness of the muscles, bruises, sprains, chronic disorders of internal organs, poor circulation, and treatments after illnesses.