The building of FUKUZUMIRO is registered as the cultural property of Japan.

Selected as one of the "20 Best 20th Century Heritage in Japan"
Fukuzumiro is one of the "Large-scale wooden accommodations in Hakone" in the "20 Selections of Japan's 20th Century Heritage" announced by the Japan Icomos National Committee, as it deserves the architecture and scenery of a hot spring inn that makes use of traditional Japanese construction methods. Was chosen as.
Hakone / Tonosawa Onsen is a hot spring resort that has been open for a long time in the Hayakawa Valley, one of the hot springs called Hakone Nanayu, a 5-minute drive from Hakone Yumoto Station.
"Fukuzumiro" was founded in Tonosawa in 1890 (Meiji 23).
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Bat of happiness

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Hot spring

The quality of the spring that has been loved by many people.

Private bath
Hot spring water is constantly pumped from 100 meters under the ground and we add spring water to cool it, never adding water that has been treated. It warms you well, and feels good on your skin. You can use three different kinds of bathtubs, a wooden round one made with big pieces of pine (Ohmaru-buro). Also one made of rocks (Iwa-buro), and one for the family. Guidance


Kaiseki cuisine with a focus on seafood from the coastal waters.

Complete room meal
Enjoy the course menu with fresh seafoods and vegetables. We offer seasonal foods and variety of menu. Dishes are served individually to your room so that you can enjoy hot dishes and cold dishes. Please select the course when making the reservation. Guidance


The scent of history, the colors of the four seasons.

Reservation required for all rooms
Each room has its history and story. The building of Fukuzumiro is wooden and three-storied. There are 17 guest rooms. Each room has different design and atmosphere. Guidance


Hakone's famous hall and BAR "Homecoming".

There are two halls, "Kinba" and "Moon Room", and a stage, a total of 66 halls.
It has been featured as a famous hall representing Hakone in various advertising media, including Odakyu's commercials.
Hakone Tonosawa Spa FUKUZUMIRO
74 Tounosawa Hakone-machi Kanagawa-ken Japan 250-0315
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